Sri Lanka PMs politician son promotes anti-diversity Hindutva line

Ivory Agency Sri Lanka

The politician son of Sri Lanka’s prime minister has been found promoting extreme Hindutva ideology that could further damage delicate relationships between the diverse ethnic and religious communities.

Hindu Tamils & Sinhala Buddhists are in Sri Lanka are one distinct community from Muslims or Christians, according to a message from a Hindu extremist politician shared by ex MP Namal Rajapaksa.

“In Sri Lanka, Hindu Tamils & Sinhala Buddhists are one community just as In India our Constitution defines in Article 25 a Hindu as one who is not Muslim or Christian. That is the way also of peace for Sri Lanka. Hence I hold PM Rajapaksa a symbol of that unity&demonstrates that,” says the Swamy tweet retweeted by Namal Rajapaksa.

BJP top leader Swamy who is a family friend of the Rajapaksa’s had tweeted his message to congratulate PM Mahinda Rajapaksa on completing 50 years as a parliamentarian.

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