TNA to hold protests in the North over issues faced by fisherfolk and farmers

The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) is planning to launch protests against the government after being accused of not intervening to solve problems of the...

Cabinet nod to draft two bills on cyber security laws

The Cabinet on Tuesday (12) granted approval to the proposals to draft two bills on cyber security laws. The proposals to draft a bill named...

Human Rights Commission commences investigations into the Police and Navy

The Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka (HRCSL) says it has launched an investigation into allegations of human rights abuses made against the Sri...

Complain to the Police about those using the Rajapaksa name for illegal activities (VIDEO)

Minister of Sports and Youth Affairs Namal Rajapaksa has said that if anyone engages in illegal activities while citing the Rajapaksa name, a complaint...

Reimagining Free Trade Zones to Meet the Demands of a Post Pandemic Sri Lanka

The Free Trade Zones (FTZ) were established in Sri Lanka in 1978 with the hope of bringing Foreign Direct Investments, employment to people and...

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