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Sri Lanka ‘temporarily halt’ land grabbing and surveying in Tamil lands (VIDEO)

The Sri Lankan state has directed its officers to put a hold on land grabbing and surveying lands in the traditional Tamil homeland of...

Sri Lanka probes north to find out Indian involvement in reviving LTTE

A north-based political party has expressed fears about the Sri Lankan government launching an investigation to find out whether India is intervening to revive...

Parents of fallen LTTE militants to ‘fast until death’ seeking return of war cemetery

Three parents of erstwhile Tamil Tiger cadres have said they will fast unto death until Alambil Maaveerar ThuyilumI Illam (cemetery where former LTTE cadres...

Sri Lanka Navy intelligence official summoned by Mullaitivu court

An intelligence official from the Sri Lankan Navy has been summoned by the Mullaitivu court over threatening and obstructing a leading Tamil Journalist for...

Court delivers damning verdict on Mahara Prison Massacre

Sri Lanka’s leading organisation for the protection of Prisoner’s rights has won a major legal battle. The Committee for Protecting the Rights of Prisoners (CPRP)...

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