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Ranil’s budget leaves plantation workers in a further poverty

A plantation workers rights watchdog has pointed out that the budget presented by the President has not only failed to give any benefit to...

Textile industry at risk due to rising electricity bills

A free trade zone trade union warns that the textile industry in Sri Lanka risks a complete collapse if the electricity bill is raised...

Police and army torture young Tamil ‘for not wearing helmet’ (VIDEO)

An investigations has been launched over government security forces assaulting and torturing a Tamil youth from the North who was traveling on a motorcycle,...

The country that allocated millions for war has no money for the Castle hospital

While billions are allocated for the country's security over education and health during a severe financial crisis, a leading women's hospital in Sri Lanka...

Talks between President and Tamils should have ‘international monitoring’

Relatives of forcibly disappeared Tamils emphasized the need for the international community to monitor the proposed discussions between President Ranil Wickremesinghe and the Tamil...

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